ADCP Developments engineering processes are focused on procuring and providing quality controlled rapid offsite construction systems to support ADCP development work on the DSSCB projects the will ultimately add value to ADCB clients.

As an outcome of enhancing ADCB real estate projects and DSSCB building requirements, ADCP have developed a set of solutions to address many local building and commercial construction issues a few advantages of which are;


• Accelerated construction schedule completion and early occupancy… extremely efficient use of CapEx
• Higher Re-sale for Institutional Investors
• Improves upon environmental ratings and accreditations… ISO14001 compliant materials and construction methods
• Estidama Pearl Rating system compliant product
• Strong, rigid structure and most importantly more durable
• Lower maintenance costs, hence significant savings on OpEx
• Being factory produced results in a consistent quality of produced product
• Improved Fire Safety


• Significant Energy Savings
• Exceptional Sound Resistance
• Reduced Water Intrusion


• Preferred by Building/Fire Departments
• Insurance savings
• Reduced workforce requirements
• Minimal waste = cleaner, safer jobsite
• Less chance for error (such as electrical sockets and plumbing locations)
• Less patching and detail work afterward
• Enables risk management of supply chains
• Low, mid, and high rise capabilities

The patented modular construction technology sets we wish to present to you have the following attributes;

• Erecting G+20 tower in less than 12 months from site handover
• Erecting mid size fully equipped and functional School or Hospital in less than 12-16 months
• Construction of highly stable floating marine housing, offices, storage and boatshed facilities
• New villa wall systems

Systems are already complaint with Estidama building guidelines and can be highly merited based on their Pearl Rating System.