Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties provides Building Surveying Services to a broad range of property types including full stock asset surveys if required.

A structural survey is an investigation or inspection of the construction and services of a property in sufficient detail to enable the building surveyor to advise what impact its condition will have upon the client. Such surveys are usually carried out prior to the purchase of a property.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties Provides this service to all types of commercial property throughout the UAE.

On appointment, our surveyor will carry out a thorough inspection of the building, provide you with a comprehensive report on its condition, warn you of any future expenses that may be incurred on the building and advice on the purchase.

Following a detailed examination of the fabric of the building you will receive a final report. This sets out the findings of an experienced and professionally qualified surveyor who knows what to look for and where to look.

A standard survey includes the following:

An appraisal of the form and materials of construction. A technical analysis of significant defects revealed and advice on appropriate further action needed. A budget estimate on significant repairs. Identification of less significant defects. General disrepair and shortcomings in the physical condition, maintenance and design of the building.